Selected Group Exhibitions
2019_ Past Forward, El Barrio Art Space, Foyer Gallery, New York.
2018_Common View Photography, Maggi Peyton Art Gallery, NY.
2017_Utopias, Curatorial Projects & Project Art Space: Contemporary Latin American Photography and Video, NY.
2016_An Island Apart: Cuban Artist in Exile, The FRANK Museum of Art, OH.
2016_An Island Apart: Cuban Artist in Exile, Fisher Gallery, OH.
2016_An Island Apart: Cuban Artist in Exile, Leslie H. and Ethyl Rose Miller Gallery, OH.
2015_Portraits, Group Show, City Gallery, Bridgeport, CT.
2015_Boricuba, Pictures of New York, The Clemente Soto Vélez Gallery Center of NY.
2015_ OCHO, Cuban Artists, 17 Frost Cultural Center, Brooklyn, NY.
2015_Re/Formulations: Narrative Processes, The William Musto Museum, NJ.
2015_Photography Landscape, Slide-Share Art, Brooklyn, NY
2014_Urban Alphabet, The William Musto Museum, NJ.
2014_NY City Street, The William Musto Museum, NJ.
2013_City Photography, Cuban Diaspora, Cuban Museum, Coral Gables, Fl.
2013_Asmehn Cuban Artist, New York Photography, Paragon Gallery, Miami, Fl.
2013_Urban New Faces, The Hogarth Biannual, Worldwide Gallery, New York, NY.
2013 _Windows, and Element Design Photography, CAPF Miami, FL.
2013_Human Dictionary Faces of NY, 17 Frost Cultural Center, Brooklyn, NY.
2013_ HumanScape, 17 Frost Cultural Center, Brooklyn, NY.
2012_In Transit: Parallel Time, The William Musto Museum and Cultural Center, NJ.
2012_The Tunnel (Video) and Still images, Close Up Puerto Vallarta,
2do. Festival International Video Creation, Mexico.
2013_Photography, Cuban Art Auction, Cuban Cultural Center of NY, NY.
2012_Latin American Photography, Coral gables Hispanic Salon, Miami, FL.
2011_It’s not the Economy but the Epistemology, Collage Gallery, CG, FL.
2011_Photography Unbroken Ties: Dialogues in Cuban Art, FIOArts, Michigan.
2011_Photography, Various Times Shanghái Art Fair, Latin American Pavilion, China.
2011_Photography, The Femme, Gallery 1200, Hoboken, NJ.
2010_Portraits, Café XII – The Journeys of artists of the Cuban Diaspora, SCAC, Colorado.
2009_Photography, Past is History / Future is Mystery, Miami Dade College.
2009_ Freedom Tower Gallery, Miami, Florida.
2009_Photography, Gallery SARO, (group show), Barcelona, Spain.
2009_Photography Portraits, Gallery Senda, (international artist show), Barcelona, Spain.
2008_Street Photography, Valoarte – Art Exhibition National Gallery, Costa Rica.
2007_CityScape, Nirvana: Water Right Project, Katherine Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.
2007_Photography of NY, 3rd (EYE) Solation Gallery, Brooklyn.
2006_Trends: Aspects of Contemporary Latin American Art, MLAA, FL.
2006_Photo Group Show, Solation Gallery, Brooklyn.
2005_Love, Loss, and Longing, Traveling Exhibition Virginia, PA, Center of the Arts.
2005_Wyoming, Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, Massachusetts.
2005_Photography Artists Curate, Cooperative Gallery Convention Center, Dayton, Ohio.
2004_Landscape, Bridge Art Fair – Miami 2006, Catalina Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida.
2004_Photography of a City Group Show, Travesia 4, San Mateo, Madrid, Spain.

Selected Solo Exhibition
2018_Revelations of Identity, Photography, William V. Musto Museum, U.C. New Jersey.
2017_Portraits, Musto Museum, Union City, NJ.
2000_ Alicia, Ink Drawings & Photography, Spanish Latin Americans Art Center, NJ.
2001_Delight, Drawings and Printing, Spanish Latin Americans Art Center, NJ.
1999_Pandora’s box printing, FPLA Art Center, NJ.
1998_Monotype impressions on paper, Art Center 4106, Union City, NJ.
1997_Monotype y Photography, Art Center 4106, Union City, New Jersey.
1996_Mirror & Shadows, Illustration & Photography Show, Clifton Arts Center, NJ.
1994_Portraits, silk screens, Ocean Side Gallery, Duo show with Jana Sotak, NJ.
1994_Others Things, Art Miami, Miami Beach Convention Center, FL.
1992_Recent Paintings, E. Lian Moog Gallery, North West, Atlanta.
1991_Portraits, Silk-screening and offset print Salon Select Flash, West Orange, NJ.
1990_Selection of Silk-screening Art print Salon Select Flash, West Orange, NJ.
1989_Escape, Mercy College Gallery, Bronx, NY.
1989_Co-founder of Group CAFFEE (Cuban art for free expression), shows around the US.
1988_Lineal Art (photography & Silk Screen Work), Carla Gallery, NJ.
1987_Drawing and Illustration, International School of Cine, Cuba.
1986_Salón de la ciudad, group show, Centro Wilfredo Lam, Habana, Cuba.
1985_Expressions, Group UNO a TRES, Galeria Habana, Cuba.
1985_Paintings, Group UNO a TRES, Habana, Cuba, Group Show, B. A., Argentina.
1984_San Alejandro Young Artist Group Show, San Alejandro School Gallery, Cuba.
1981_Engravings Artists for the Cultural Property, Galeria Habana, Cuba.
1980_Drawing Award exhibition, Salon San Alejandro, Habana, Cuba.
1977 Ink and Portraits, National Library Gallery, Habana, Cuba.
1976_To be born again, Solo Show, House of Culture of Cerro, Habana, Cuba.
1975_Illustration and Monotype, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Habana, Cuba.

2000 / 01_Gregory Georges – Digital Camera Techniques
– Creative Black and White Digital Photography.
1998 / 00_Digital Photography Jeff Jones_ The Dig Photo storage medium.
1992 / 93_Advanced Graphics Curriculum and Presentation Graphics Design, Parson School, New York.
1989 / 92_Fine Art MD Curriculum in Media Communications, Mercy College, Bronx, New York.
1989 / 90_Liberal Arts & Graphic Design, Macintosh Learning Center, NY.
1985 / 86_National Printmaking Workshop, Old Habana, Cuba.
1985 / 86_Engraving, Higher Institute of the Arts, Habana, Cuba.
1983 / 84_Course and workshop Photography, film and revealed,
San Alejandro School of Art, Cuba.
1982 / 83_Photography history and Theory, San Alejandro School of Art, Cuba.
1980 / 84_Engraving & Painting, San Alejandro School of Art, Habana, Cuba.
1975 / 78 T-Art Studio Enrique Jose Varona, University of Habana, Cuba.
1973 / 74_Illustration Courses, National Museum of Fina Arts, Habana, Cuba.